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What's New in Achieve Planner

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Achieve Planner 2.5.0

Maintenance release with bug fixes and minor enhancements

Achieve Planner 2.3.0

Major: Enhancements to Google Calendar & other fixes

Other bug fixes and enhancements

Achieve Planner 2.2.2

Major: Enhancements to Google Calendar & important updates based on changes in Google's interface (click here for more details)

Other bugfixes and enhancements

Achieve Planner 2.2.1

Major: Google Calendar Sync support (click here for more details)

Support for more international and non-standard date formats in the grids

Make reminders window resizable

Sort result areas by priority in project explorer

Problem with default date in deferred date dropdown calendar

Fix context menu in notes

Add quick task entry to standard toolbar

Fix order of project block drops in Weekly Planning Wizard

Add Unranked As in priority filters

Create dates modifiable for projects/tasks

Overdue items are not propagated up if parent task/project is completed or cancelled

Enhancements for Yearly recurring pattern to support Google Calendar

Add custom option for priority filters

Bufgifx: Completing tasks causes groups in Tasks tab to collapse

Bugfix: Problem with Next Action Capture project selection

Other minor bugfixes

Achieve Planner 2.0.4

Bufgifx: Problem with date filters including None dates

Bugfix: Problem when copying Time Charts with custom labels

Other minor bugfixes

Achieve Planner 2.0.2

Bufgifx: Problem when creating custom filters in date columns . If you've saved any custom date filter snapshots, you'll want to recreate them and save them again after updating

Bugfix: Task Chooser incorrectly shows tasks with overdue completed children as overdue

Bugfix: Parent tree in Task Chooser not colored correctly
Minor bugfixes

Achieve Planner 2.0

The main focus of the 2.0 release was to transition the software to the Microsoft .NET 2.x Framework and greatly enhance compatibility and performance with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. There are several major enhancements and bugfixes as well.


Note: This release may require an upgrade fee for existing 1.x customers. Click here for upgrade details.

Feature: Support for exporting AP Outline branch in importable format (Use File Import/Export menu items) - Only Result Areas, Projects & Tasks can be imported/exported at this time

Feature: Full XML export support

Feature: Outline, tasks and projects grids can be sorted by different columns (click on header row to sort)

Feature: Button to calculate project lead time values based on existing dates (Project Information Form)

Feature: Ability to delete tasks from the Task Chooser (Edit -> Delete menu item)

Feature: Simplify specifying the maximum time you can spend on a project for automated scheduling (General tab of project information form)

Feature: Show deferred hiding status in the grid information title bar

Feature: Retain tooltip for longer time when hovering over truncated name

Feature: Make effort in units of hours by default

Feature: Task chooser schedule status inherited from parent

Bufgifx: Rename all contexts

Bugfix: Fix problem with recurring appointment reminders when snoozing

Bugfix: Fix problem with project status when tasks are due today & tomorrow

Bugfix: Fix problem with date editor in the grid

And many other bugfixes and other enhancements

Achieve Planner

Bugfix: Appointment reminder snooze bug for recurring appointments/events

Bugfix: DueToday/DueTomorrow status propagation for projects

Bugfix: Deferred project/task date calculations for Windows 7

Bugfix: Note blank line duplication problem with Outlook sync (causes huge files and slow performance)

Achieve Planner

Feature: Reorganized Tools menu

Feature: Move start date forward for new recurring project/task instances even if deadline is not set

Feature: Added support for Lowest Ancestor Priority to Outline tab (you can add it using the View -> Customize Current View menu item)

Feature: A deferred task can't be started before deferred date when using automatic scheduling

Feature: Streamlined Task Information Form schedule tab

Feature: Advanced Filter setting in Task Chooser is preserved

Feature: Deferred project/task filtering in Outline, Projects, Tasks and Task Chooser tabs

Feature: Zoom to Item command in task chooser (quick way to zoom to a specific branch)

Feature: Option to add priority prefixes when exporting tasks to Outlook

Feature: Support for moving items in the Outline (Outline -> Move Item menu item)

Feature: Use project chooser when Tasks project dropdown is clicked

Bugfix: Note blank line duplication problem with Outlook sync (causes huge files and slow performance)

Other enhancements and bug fixes

Achieve Planner

Feature: New Due Today & Due Tomorrow schedule status values for projects & tasks

Feature: New way of determining 'next actions' for a project when using the simpler/basic definition. Next actions are all tasks that have the highest priority value under a project (see here for details)

Feature: Group by Deadline in Task Chooser date dropdown groups tasks displayed in the Task Chooser based on their earliest ancestor deadline value (taking into account ancestor deadlines)

Feature: Added Result Area Category grouping to Projects tab

Feature: Allow renaming child projects when creating a new project from a template

Feature: XML dump of data file (using Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S)

Feature: Collapse branches in Task Chooser branch filter to make selection easier

Feature: Next Action List view in Task Chooser

Feature: Save state of project explorer in weekly schedule

Feature: Global setting to disable open row on double click behavior

Feature: Indented (in place) editing in the outline

Other enhancements and bug fixes

Achieve Planner

Support using 1234 as initial part of priority (instead of ABCD)
Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes

Achieve Planner

Feature: Ability to move completed email items to a "Processed" folder (set in Outlook settings)
Feature: Added some missing fields and Notes to Goal Report (File -> View Report from Goals tab Go -> Goals)

Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes (including problem with importing Outlook settings in 1.9.2)

Achieve Planner 1.9.1

Feature: Enhanced context menu in Outline, Projects, Tasks tab
Feature: 'Active Printing' views in Outline, Projects, Tasks and Task Chooser

Feature: Print appointment notes when viewing appointments report (File -> View Report)

Feature: Option to make task blocks match project block size (Tools -> Options)

Feature: Enhancements to Outline Commands panel (Template and Schedule Block)

Feature: Option to view completed items without strikethrough (Tools -> Options)

Feature: Add Contexts to advanced task capture

Feature: Enhanced project/task options when exporting to Outlook
Bugfix: Problems with Outlook task sync in certain international Outlook versions

Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes

Achieve Planner 1.9.0

Feature: Tools -> Options (Display) tab ... Support for Office visual styles and using Theme colors

Feature: Outline commands panel

Feature: Usability enhancements for new users

Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes

Achieve Planner 1.8.9

Feature: Significant performance improvement in Outline compared to version 1.8.1

Feature: Option for using Task Chooser priority value for row coloring (Task Chooser view settings)
Feature: Hotkeys now require at least one of Alt, Ctrl or Win key in order to be enabled

Feature: Next button support in Thought Master (can set duration to 0 for manual mode)
Bugfix: (Blanks) & (NonBlanks) not working on certain columns

Other bug fixes and enhancements

Achieve Planner

Bugfix: Fixes a serious bug introduced in the 1.8.5 release that randomly affects Task notes. All users with Achieve Planner version 1.8.5 and later should upgrade to this release ASAP.

NOTE: Versions before 1.8.5 are NOT affected

Achieve Planner

Bugfix: Problem saving and creating Favorite filters

Achieve Planner 1.8.8

Feature: Option to NOT sync appointment reminders with Outlook (Outlook Preferences) to avoid having reminders in both Achieve Planner and Outlook (default ON)
Feature: Option to always start Achieve Planner in Overview tab (Tools -> Options Display Tab)
Feature: Reminders now displayed starting with most recent (matches Outlook)
Bugfix: Problem with grid getting stuck in AND/OR column filters mode based on last selected filter

Other minor bug fixes and enhancements

Achieve Planner

Bugfix: Problems with dates in grid using some international date formats

Bugfix: Problem with task chooser priority ordering

Other minor bug fixes and enhancements

Achieve Planner 1.8.5

Feature: Productivity Process Overview tab with links (Go -> Overview menu)

Feature: Create new projects from templates (File -> New -> New Project From Template)

Feature: New Task Organizer Wizard (Tools menu)

Feature: Support for editable categories (Tools -> Options menu / Result Area Categories)

Feature: Multiple task chooser enhancements: Filtering by context, filtering by outline branch, custom sorting, view filters retain task chooser filtering settings

Feature: Support for deferring tasks to a future date (Actions -> Defer)

Feature: Support for view filter favorites and shortcuts

Feature: Email import hot key to import selected emails from Outlook

Feature: Import emails from custom folders during Outlook sync

Feature: Task deadline lead time for project templates

Feature: Enhancements to Quick Task Entry

Feature: Enhanced Project/Task capture wizard

Feature: Enhancements to Weekly Planning Wizard

Feature: Enhancements to Record Work/Expenses dialog

Feature: Lowest Ancestor Priority column in Projects tab and Weekly Planning Wizard

Feature: Next Action Capture Wizard

Feature: Remember snoozed appointments/reminders when saving data file

Feature: Support for OR filter conditions in certain views

Feature: Enhanced date auto-completing in grid

Feature: Todo list view in task chooser to support a daily prioritized task list

Feature: Check for updates (Help menu)

Feature: Support for multiple layouts using Windows menu

Feature: Enhanced the attachments insert

Feature: Tool to rename contexts/keywords across all records (Tools menu)

Feature: Auto-complete assignee column in Outline, Projects and Tasks tabs

Feature: Show project purpose in Tasks tab

Feature: Automatic sync with Outlook at regular intervals

Feature: Command to toggle the Maximized state of tabs when using split views (Window menu)

Feature: Context menu in reminders window to complete tasks

Feature: Links to Get More Done In Less Time ebook with tutorials


Plus other enhancements and bug fixes

Achieve Planner 1.8.1

Feature: Add date to the top of grid printouts

Feature: Advanced search functionality (Edit -> Advanced Find)

Feature: View Filters (Use the Views/Filters panel viewable using View -> Views/Filters Panel menu item) ... Use 'New Filter' button to take a "snapshot" of the current grid filters, and 'Save Filter' button to save changes to the current filter

Feature: Delete filters by pressing 'Delete' key while filter is selected (Standard Views are NOT deletable)

Feature: Metric updates including "auto-targeting" based on a starting and ending metric value

Feature: Notes now available in Result Area information form

Feature: Option to start weekly schedule on different days (see Calendar options in Tools->Options ) and to NOT activate the reminder window when a reminder goes off

Feature: Priority added to metrics to support sorting

Feature: Save Metric graph scaling/scrolling settings

Feature: Use 'Date Completed' field to complete projects/tasks

Feature: Use 'Predecessor' button in outline to enter predecessor tasks

Plus other bug fixes and enhancements.

Achieve Planner

Feature - Ability to filter Icon column in Outline using the funnel in the column header

Feature - Additional options for Next Action Only list in Outline (option available through Next Action tab in Options dialog Tools -> Options menu) See tutorial # 6 in user manual for full description of this feature

Feature - Use 'basic' Next Action definition by default (change to advanced mode using task predecessors via the Options dialog)

Feature - Tutorial for Next Actions feature in user manual

Feature - (Today & Past) preset date filtering

Various other bugfixes and enhancements. NOTE: For vista users, to avoid problems please don't save your data file in the "Program Files/Effexis Software/Achieve Planner" folder. The preferred location is somewhere in the "My Documents" area.

Achieve Planner

Feature - Display out-of-view predecessors using 'OOV' acronym

Feature - Expanded support for 'Next Action Only' list in task chooser

Feature - Alternate definition of 'Next Action' that doesn't use the task predecessor but is based on topmost task for each project in the outline (Tools -> Options for switch)

Feature - Ability to set Master Context List from Tools -> Options dialog
Feature - 'Power Paste' feature to replace Edit -> Fill Down command (see user manual for details)
Feature - Option to not display appointment reminder form (Tools -> Options)
Feature - Zoom to Item command in Outline (Outline menu)

Feature - Changing completion date for projects from Project Information form (Details)

Feature - Make tentative appointments slightly narrower

Feature - Disable horizontal auto-scrolling of weekly schedule when dragging selection

Feature - Changes to file save process to workaround Vista glitch

Bugfix - Display images in correct order
Bugfix - Recurring instances for projects/tasks not generated when task completed during sync


Various other bugfixes and enhancements

NOTE: This release changes the ways files are saved to account for a Vista glitch. Please make a backup of your data file and test saving your data file to ensure that the process works normally. Especially if you save your file in a "non-standard" directory, like in a file server or external HD.

Achieve Planner

Feature - Next Action List support in the Outline

Feature - Task predecessor field in Outline (default in new Active Planning view)
Feature - Changed Keywords field to Contexts
Feature - Enhanced Context support in Outline, Projects, Tasks tab when using Master Context List
Feature - Link tasks command in Actions menu

Feature - Simpler default toolbar layout
Bugfix - Image order for goals and result areas saved
Bugfix - Recurring instances for projects/tasks not generated when task completed during sync


Various other bugfixes and enhancements

Achieve Planner

Fature/Bugfix - Additional support/enhancements to reduce Outlook appointment duplication during sync - Click here for additional information about removing duplicated appointments
Feature - Speed up appointment syncs when using Quick Sync option during Outlook sync operation (make sure the Date checkbox is unchecked in Appointment import settings for best performance)
Feature - Include goal/dream/project icon in project chooser dialog
Feature - New checkbox to warn about Outlook running when doing Outlook sync
Bugfix - Problem with recurring multi-day appointments in weekly schedule
Bugfix - Fix a problem with the goal progress review dialog in certain situations


Various other bugfixes and enhancements

Achieve Planner

Bugfix - Fix a problem introduced in importing data files from older AP versions

Achieve Planner

Feature: (This Week & Past) date filter for grids

Feature: Clear AP ActiveSync history

Feature: Tool to review all motivational images (result areas + goals)

Feature: BETA Achieve Planner ActiveSync provider for Pocket Informant sync - Click here for sync beta details (the sync remains in beta until further notice)

Feature: Per-project flag for only showing next task in task chooser

Feature: Goal progress measurement/tracking features

Feature: Auto-remove priority gaps in Outline when completing items

Feature: Enhancements to metrics graphs to allow "zooming in" on parts of the metric graph

Feature: Objective target date for metrics

Feature: Export goal progress data to CSV (Goal Information form)

Feature: Don't display cancelled projects in Weekly Schedule projects panel

Bugfix: Don't display children of cancelled projects in the task chooser

Feature: Stronger warning when deleting Outlook Sync history

Feature: Life planning tab for free format life plan

Feature: Auto-complete in find dialog implementation

Feature: Support sorting of Weekly Schedule project's panel by priority

Feature: Tool to help check goal rewards during progress reviews

Feature: Goal images

Feature: Result area images

Feature: "Balanced Scorecard" goals for progress review

Feature: Support for ordering events in the weekly schedule based on the event priority value

Feature: 'Date Created' field now available for Outline, Projects, & Tasks views

Feature: Split view to show performance graph for active metric in Metrics tab

Feature: Daily goal progress review reminder/dialog

Feature: Enhancements to AP locking feature

Feature: (This Week, Past & None) date column filter enhancement

Feature: Support for goal "wins" in addition to progress tracking

Feature: Goal win review in goal progress review tool

Feature: Linking goal/result area images with daily/weekly planning wizards

Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Achieve Planner

Bugfix - Fix a problem dragging rows in grids within information forms

Feature - Optimized Outlook contact sync for cases where Contact Import/Export flags are unchecked

Feature - Add 'Actual Effort' field in Outline tab (must customize view to add this field)


Plus other minor enhancements and bug fixes

Achieve Planner

Bugfix - Fix a problem with data conversion from previous releases and Quick Task Entry

Achieve Planner

Feature - Put project name at start in Tasks tab project dropdown

Feature - Integration of projects and goals (Projects and Outline tab). Click here for a more detailed description of the changes.

Feature - Fill Down feature (Edit->Fill Down) works like Excel's fill down command, takes the value in the top selected cell and fills down all other selected cells with the same value. It's useful if you want to change multiple rows to a given value at the same time

Feature - Insert Link now available from context menu when right clicking on a Note (RTF) editor. You can use it to link to files, URLs, or other applications.

Feature - Notes editor moved to General tab in Project & Task Information forms making it more easily accessible.

Feature - Support for only exporting leaf projects/tasks to Outlook during synchronization (available from Advanced Task Settings dialog in Outlook Sync Settings)

Feature - Only show next item for project flag in task chooser (disabled by default, need to enable on each view)

Feature - Group next action reminders flag in task chooser (enabled by default)

Feature - Use task list priority order for next project item in task chooser - Only applicable when only show next item for project in task chooser is enabled (off by default)

Feature - Minor tweaks to Task Chooser date scoring algorithm to reduce effect of deadlines and end dates that are far in the future

Feature - Significant speed improvements for Quick Task Outlook Sync. After the first quick sync, subsequent quick task syncs should be much faster. Rewrote the quick task sync logic to speed things up.

Feature - Show Goals checkbox in Projects tab to show/hide goals in the list

Feature - Show Goals checkbox in Outline tab (rename Hide checkboxes to Show)

Feature - Cancelled tasks are exported as completed to Outlook

Feature - Default A priority color changed from Blue to Navy

Feature - Option in Outlook Task Sync to only include leaf tasks in the export

Feature - Option to show/hide taskless goals in the task chooser

Feature - Don't schedule taskless goals with automatic scheduling. New goals have 0 expected time by default.

Feature - Remove taskless goals from weekly planning wizard (project time commitment step)

Feature - Data conversion from 1.4.x to 1.5 (no links between existing projects/goals)

Feature - Weekly planning wizard project blocks are private by default and use default reminder time

Feature - Weekly planning wizard MVP flag now tied to the focus flag

Feature - Add "Last Date" when metric was updated to available fields in Metrics tab

Feature - Support for Private field in Task Information Form to match Outlook task

Feature - Support for auto-removing priority gaps when completing a project or task

Feature - Support for adding notes to tasks entered using Quick Task Chooser - use ## to separate task name and note text, for example: Task Name##Task Notes

Feature - (Today, Past & None) option added to date column filter dropdown

Bugfix - Don't support quick task entry when document is locked

Bugfix - Improved scrolling speed on grids

Plus other enhancements and bug fixes.

Achieve Planner

Bugfix - Outlook task sync fixes for Quick Task Sync

Bugfix - Changes for color printing support (not working in some cases)

Achieve Planner

Bugfix - Fixed Customize problem for Toolbar context menu

Bugfix - Updated help file to show correct Outlook Sync dialog image

Bugfix - Fixed order of State items in Project Information form to match Task Information form

Achieve Planner

Feature - Ability to hide result areas and/or tasks in the master outline

Feature - Provide warning if opening second instance of Achieve Planner

Feature - Add Zoom commands to Outline menu and new Zoom toolbar (in Outline tab)

Feature - Add main subprojects to the Projects report

Feature - Support for Full Task Outlook Sync to resync all tasks with Outlook

Feature - Keyboard command reference document (PDF) available from Help menu

Bugfix - Display filtering issue when filtering grids using column funnels

Bugfix - Fix task list displayed in Projects report

Bugfix - Fixed problem with Delete Appointment Range and recurring appointments

Bugfix - Fix Outlook Sync issues

Bugfix - Show linked project/task name in all day events

Other minor bug-fixes and enhancements

Achieve Planner

Feature - Don't display Cancelled (Cn) items in the active views

Feature - Cancelled items are displayed grayed out and italicized

Renamed Getting Started Guide as User Manual (in Help menu)

Minor bug-fixes and enhancements.

Achieve Planner

FR#170 - Project/task reminders similar to Outlook's task reminders

Feature - New project filter in project chooser dialog (used when selecting projects in Tasks list with Actions->Switch Project or Actions->Move to Project)

Feature - New cancelled (Cn) and proposed (PR) states for projects/tasks

Feature - Option to set the default priority of new child items to A1 or just A

Feature - Context menu for RTF notes

Feature - Option to open new action task from Work/Expense/Complete record dialog

Feature - Wrap title fields in Goal forms

Feature - Add completed date field to Outline views

Feature - File->View Report command now available for tasks to print description/notes (in Tasks tab)

Feature - Confirm deletion of items with children (on the same tab/outline only)


Bugfix - Important bug fix related to saving data file after minimizing to tray

Bugfix - Important bug fix interaction of auto-save feature with open information forms causes strange behavior

Bugfix - Problem filtering display

Bugfix - Problem with 24h time display

Bugfix - Problem closing AP when shutting down Windows

Bugfix - Problem converting projectless tasks into projects


Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.


Microsoft Windows Vista-only installer also available.


NOTE: Sync with Pocket Informant in Pocket PC is another major feature in the 1.4.2 series, but is not yet available.

Achieve Planner

The release is a free update for all existing 1.x users.

Feature - Support for Past, Past & None, and None values in date filters. Past filter value does not include dates that are not set ("none")

Achieve Planner

The release is a free update for all existing 1.x users.

Feature - Font size increase in information form multi-line editors
Feature - CSV export of metric tracking entry data (available in metric information form)
Feature - Better support for printing grids/outlines in color (new option in Tools->Options)
Feature - Automatic saving of information form data when main data file is saved. This is more applicable for frequent automated saving.
Bugfix - Various other bugfixes

Achieve Planner

The release is a free update for all existing 1.x users.

Bugfix - Fixed problem with priority encoding in Outlook task subject during import. Only affects encoding of priority after task name: Task (priority)

Achieve Planner 1.4.0

The 1.4.0 release is a free update for all existing 1.x users.

Main Features/Enhancements

FR#235 - Menu and toolbar enhancements

FR#236 - Minimize to System Tray (X button) and Quick Task Entry

FR#40 - Enhanced Outlook task synchronization

FR#173 - Additional user fields for projects/tasks like status (3 text, 2 numeric, 2 boolean) only available in Projects/Tasks tabs at this time

FR#30 - Pressing 't' in date fields should set today's date (also t+3, t-7 conversion)

FR#175 - Use short date formats in the grid (e.g., 2/27/06 instead of 2/27/2006)

FR#218 - Esc key in information forms should act like close (similar to Outlook's behavior)

FR#177 - Faster date data entry using shorthand (2/17) without year

FR#236 - Ability to select "focus" projects/tasks and move them to top of task chooser

FR#225 - Printing the weekly schedule view (in graphical form)

FR#56 - Add Outline toolbar to move items and select outline level

FR#59 - Option to re-export appointments that have been deleted from Outlook

FR#61 - Propagate effort/percent values regularly as changes are made

FR#32 - Option to enable text wrapping on any text field

Feature - Ability to assign tasks to result areas without parent project (tasks are not scheduled)

Feature - Make completed items light gray irrespective of priority

Feature - 'No Slack' schedule status replaces 'Close to Deadline' in some cases

Feature - Option to disable setting a reminder for new appointments/events

Feature - Option to use result area priority rather than importance in task chooser score

Feature - New filter row interface

Feature - Support for nested tab groups

Feature - Behavior of Del key when only a single cell is selected

Feature - Sort value list in dropdown for auto-complete columns

Feature - Ability to re-establish links between Outlook and AP appointments and contacts when Outlook IDs change

Bugfix - Problem with auto-save when trial expires

Bugfix - Outline printout doesn't match display when filtering

Bugfix - Problems switching day views while editing appointments

Bugfix - Adjust row size when editing a cell

Bugfix - Several performance enhancements

Bugfix - Use child action task deadlines when computing parent task's score in task chooser

Bugfix - Problem with contact last name filter

Bugfix - Problem scheduling top-level project with no tasks

Bugfix - Group by category setting not stored in master outline view


New Achieve Planner Getting Started Guide (PDF) is included in the download (use Help->Getting Started Guide menu command to view).

Achieve Planner 1.3.3

The 1.3.3 release is a free update for all existing 1.x users.

BR#97 - Problem exporting all-day events to Outlook (don't show up correctly

BR#96 - Save any pending row changes when information form is closed or saved

FR#42 - Master outline result areas/projects/tasks

FR#213 - Date filter shortcuts (Today, Tomorrow, etc.)

FR#201 - Lead time based scheduling for projects/tasks with deadlines

Bugfix - Fixed problem with metric information form tracking tab (-)

Bugfix - Fixed problem of reminder when completing past instances of recurring appointments
Bugfix - Set default project block size to 60 minutes (for new projects)
Bugfix - Fixed problem printing collapsed group rows not printed as collapsed
Feature - Use Windows default time format for weekly schedule time display area

Feature - Ability to adjust field settings including min/max width, and multiline setting

Achieve Planner 1.3.2

The 1.3.2 release is a free update for all existing 1.x users.

FR#189 - Notification icon indicating when a project/task has a note

FR#141 - Option to increase/decrease indentation levels used in outline

FR#137 - Support for Office 2003 visual styles menus/toolbars

FR#154 - Support multiple "contrast" levels for the grid row background colors

FR#157 - Schedule block command for the task chooser

FR#155 - Group by result area in task list (with result area field)

BR#93 - Resource description not saved from form

BR#92 - Fix 'Close to Deadline' color in the grid

BR#91 - Do not perform multiple auto-saves if current save has not been completed

Bugfix - Fixed problems with task chooser handling of unranked priority values and date bonus computations for deadlines

Bugfix - Fixed problem with task scheduling for certain multiple resource scenarios

Feature - Added several fields to task chooser: keywords, start date, end date, project name, full project name, and assignee

Feature - Added new Deadlines view to task chooser to focus on deadlines across all projects

Feature - Added task chooser settings option to use priority multiplier with date related bonus scores (default is off)

Change - Grid line color set to Silver

Feature - Indentation changes in the outline makes siblings line up whether or not they have children

Feature - New command in Actions menu (Ctrl+Shift+J) to navigate from Tasks tab to associated project

Achieve Planner 1.2.3 Release

The 1.2.3 release is a free update for all existing 1.x users.

Fixed: Saved keyboard customizations not restored the next time the application is run

Achieve Planner 1.2.2 Release

The 1.2.2 release is a free update for all existing 1.x users.

FR#34 - Contact views showing telephone numbers in listing
FR#131 - Initialize lead time of recurring item to 0 by default
BR#85 - Make sure changes to edit row and information forms are saved on document close
BR#86 - Existing recurrence data not shown when modifying recurrence through the Task Information Form
BR#87 - Problem with creation of email folders under Inbox when syncing with Outlook
BR#88 - Target start date for ongoing tasks should not be moved when the task is rescheduled, but should be set to the actual start date of the task
BR#89 - Task Chooser should only take start date into account for tasks that are not started. For ongoing tasks, the start date should not be a factor.
FR#138 - When in Outlook group-by mode, do not repeat the column headers after each group-by row
FR#139 - Add 'Effort Driven' checkbox field to project/task views so it can be added by customizing views

Achieve Planner 1.2.1 Release

The 1.2.1 data file format is different from the 1.1 format. Achieve Planner should automatically convert your 1.1 data file into the new format. As a precaution, we advise users to make a copy of their 1.1 data file before opening it with the new version.

The 1.2.1 release is a free update for all existing 1.1.x users. Your existing registration code should work with the new version.

New Features:
+ Project/Task Attachments
+ Task Chooser
+ Project/Task Recurrence
FR#23 - "Completed" checkbox for appointments
FR#26 - Show "Active/Total" in project's task count
FR#48 - Delete a block of appointments using command
FR#51 - Ability to change the font size for grids (screen/printing)
FR#65 - Result area report
FR#10 - Option to show full project path in Task list dropdown
FR#24 - Auto-save every xx minutes
FR#95 - Action to create a new project/task block in weekly schedule
FR#97 - Option to not show items that have children as bolded
FR#108 - Option to include entire project hierarchy in group name in 'all projects' task list view
FR#112 - Ability to complete multiple tasks using the Actions->Complete Task... command in the task chooser and tasks tabs
FR#105 - Ability to change grid background color
FR#113 - Change Start Date and Deadline for non-effort driven recurring projects/tasks
FR#119 - Switch to configure the order of completed items in the "All Tasks" view
+ Use File->Open->Open Selected Items... command (Ctrl+O) from task chooser to open associated information form. Double-click & Ctrl+Enter still take you to the item's listing
+ New 'Score' column in task chooser view (add by Customize Current View...)
+ Option to control whether 'Record Work/Expenses' dialog appears when completing projects/tasks
+ New checkbox field (Completed) to mark projects/tasks as completed (add to grid by Customize Current View... command)
+ Weekly planning wizard now includes task count field in project time commitment tab
+ Weekly planning wizard 'effort left' for projects does not include effort for sub-projects in project time commitment grid, making easier to allocate time to each project

FR#36 - Change "Commit" to "Save" in all information forms
FR#27 - It is too easy to miss the "+" when trying to expand a project
FR#37 - Remember calendar scroll position when opening file
BR#65 - Problem with multi-day events in calendar report, not displayed correctly on middle days
BR#66 - Problem setting status in task chooser
FR#73 - Move certain task chooser settings to "advanced" dialog
FR#75 - Consider children of a task block in task chooser
BR#71 - Use default printer when setting page setup for grid
BR#77 - Non effort driven tasks should not be scheduled by Reschedule command
BR#78 - Reminder window shows repeatedly when there are a large number of pending reminders
BR#79 - Problem with 'Reprioritize Unique' command in certain grids
BR#81 - Task information form status of 'completed' not saved in task
BR#82 - Problem pasting picked-up rows - Hierarchy not preserved
BR#83 - Goals created in Dream Information Form do not inherit Dream's result area
FR#109 - Option to not include Projects in task chooser list
FR#45 - Place "View Tasks" and Actions on top of context menu
* Changed order of certain fields in 'Schedule' tab of task information form for enhanced data entry
* Use 'aa' (without quotes) as a shortcut for typing priority a1
* Tasks with the same priority (e.g., unranked A) within a project are now scheduled in the same order as they appear in the task list
* Ability to change reminder sound by placing a 'reminder.wav' file in application directory

Achieve Planner 1.1.11 Release

New Features: None


FR#35 - Remove TaskId from Task Information Form (Done)

BR#58 - Achieve Planner not releasing Outlook process during Sync (Fixed)

BR#59 - Notes editor adds trailing non-URL character(s) to pasted URLs (Fixed)

BR#60 - Grouping problem when first loading Achieve Planner task list (Fixed)

BR#61 - Problem setting label on recurring appointment instance (Fixed)

BR#47 - Data error when deleting an address (Fixed)

BR#62 - Project chooser in task information form does not start on current project (Fixed)

BR#64 - Completed projects view doesn't show projects if parent is not expanded (Fixed)

BR#66 - Can't copy time chart rows in Time Charts tab (Fixed)

BR#67 - Problem with appointment reminders for certain recurring instances (Fixed)

BR#68 - Problem moving to previous dream/goal in weekly planning wizard (Fixed)

BR#72 - Document only marked dirty when note is changed if focus moves away from note (Fixed)

BR#73 - Auto-backup settings not saved in all instances (Fixed)

BR#74 - Document not marked dirty in all cases when Note editor is changed (Fixed)

BR#75 - Save document in all cases even if not marked dirty (Fixed)

Release 1.1.10

New Features:

New: Automatic backup of data files


Fixed: Bug with RTF editor in Notes tab that caused application to hang when pasting large notes with URLs in them.

Fixed: Split layout of tabs not saved/restored correctly

Fixed: Problem report generated when changing time chart details after using Daily Planning Wizard

Fixed: Problem report generated if user exits Outlook after synchronizing with Achieve Planner

Fixed: Various other problems reported by users

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“I was reading over the testimonials on your website and I have to agree with all of them. I have spent the last 10 years working really hard on my time management skills and using the Tony Robbins RPM system.

Honestly I have to say that by using the Achieve Planner system, it has helped me focus much more on my RPM process because I was not wasting the time I was before managing the system. I have gotten a very good process down now and my efficiency and effectiveness has skyrocketed.

Mike Suco

“I purchased AP for my business and it has been a huge help in tracking and getting things done. It is straightforward and easy to use. It makes getting projects done much easier and tops Outlook and other tools that are either featureless or too huge and complex.”

Ray Diaz

“This by far the most intelligent piece of time-management software I’ve come across and I’ve tried a few.”

Joe Kissoon

“I’ve been using it for almost a month, and I’ve found it to be very helpful in managing my dissertation project.”


“I’ve looked at several personal productivity / task management software packages over my 9 year career in IT... I have to say that Achieve Planner is hands down the best personal productivity app I’ve ever used!

It is quick to learn & awesome at unifying all of my life’s commitments while not skimping on the details if you should need them. I also love the ongoing time management tips & messages of encouragement which really help keep me focused and remind me WHY it is important to stay on-track! Thanks Effexis!”

Greg Pickrell

Wow! I’ve been waiting 20 years for this product!”

Fernando Chapa

“Your Achieve Planning software is the best I’ve used. Continue the great work!”

Dan Cross

“Achieve Planner is the first time-management software program that I have found that really allows me to organize myself in a way that is more consistent with my wholistic lifestyle.

Believe me I have checked out a few programs and have an entire shelf of books and videos in addition to all the workshops and seminars I have attended.

It has been an up hill battle for me as a very right brained, ADDer (Definition of ADDer: Someone who finds life so exciting and full of possibilities that they can’t help but keep adding more and more to their already fabulous life!)

For me the point of managing my time is to be able to live with minimal stress and have even more fun, pleasure and prosperity... and Achieve Planner helps me do that!”

Caroline Bell, PhD

“I have tried just about every piece of time and project management software on the Internet, as well as most of the goal setting software that’s out there too!

I have to say that Acheive Planner is _the best_ program I have ever used.”

Dean W. Charron

“Also, thanks for a brilliant product. I have tried several time management type applications prior to discovering "Achieve" and they all seemed to lack something.

After loading the achieve trial I purchased the product very quickly afterwards as I could see the potential. I’ve now been working with "Achieve" for three weeks and will certainly recommend it to others.

It does exactly what I need and gives me a method of managing the multiple projects that my daily work involves.”

Paul Ralph
Scotland UK

“Thanks for making such an awesome product. This is far superior to any I’ve used before!”

Stephanie Chapman

“I work from home, and use to have my work schedule, ideas, and notes, spread between two desks, on multiple pieces of paper or just held in my head.

Achieve Planner has changed all of that. This tool is incredible, and has helped me organise everything so that I now have a solid plan to work to.

I know exactly what I have to do each day, and I can promise you one thing. Planning for the weeks and months ahead has never been this fun! Keep up the great job!”

Andy Williams

“Thanks so much for making a great product. It’s really helping me get organized in my personal and professional life.”


“It’s a great software product and we both love to use it. We both tried to use Tony Robbins OPA/RPM system for years.

My husband managed to make some progress with it, but it was a little too complicated.

The Achieve Planner does everything that OPA should have done and it is perfectly integrated with Outlook. More people need to know about it”

Liz Blackham

“I’d like to say that I really enjoy working with AP planner.

You made it so ergonomic. We can reach easily and rapidly any task, contact or project.
The keyboard shortcuts are very useful and intuitives.

There’s a lot of possibility in this software (I didn’t use every one of them yet) and I can’t hardly wait for the next developpements.
Really, Bravo !”

Richard Lavoie

“Your Acheive Planner is a work of genius. I recently purchased the
productivity suite and am stunned by all that this program offers. It’s like having a 24/7 personal assistant and personal life coach all rolled into one.

I just want to thank you for the time, effort, and creativity you’ve put into developing this truly revolutionary product.
May you live long and prosper!”

Mercedes Goldcamp

“I am in love with Achieve Planner. It has made a significant difference in how I organize my time and I am accomplishing more than ever without that feeling of being overwhelmed. Thank you for developing it.”

Bev Dugar

“This is the very best planning system I have ever used. I manage a small business and run about 5 or 6 departments by myself.

Achieve Planner has made it possible to effectively track all of my tasks and projects in one system. Thank you. Keep up the great work.”


“The tutorials are excellent - short and to-the-point. They clearly explain  the steps needed to achieve a task in Achieve Planner without a lot of extraneous commentary.

I was/am very impressed. There are a lot of garbage tutorials ’out there’. Yours are excellent & I have found them most useful.”


“I’m finding it quite helpful. I’ve just been using the basics for about 3 weeks now and already starting to feel like I have a better grip on my week.

It allows me to take a realistic look at the amount of time I have available and then plan my task time accordingly.

I’m finding fewer tasks are "slipping between the cracks", plus I’m not as frustrated by not trying to meet unrealistic expectations.

The integration with Outlook is also very handy in that I can easily assign Tasks to staffers.”

Mark Herman

“Btw, I am IMMENSELY pleased with the Achieve Planner. I am a software engineer myself, and appreciate the detailed attention to the finish the careful engineering that has gone into the features of the software. Very well done!”

Arthur Vanderbilt

“I have been using this tool for about a month - I have tested many,
many, software tools for project & task planning before and have NEVER found anything that has immediately and positively impacted the way I work.

This is a GREAT tool and I only wish I’d found it years ago.

Thank you!”

Paul Sheard

“You have a very good program and its the best I have seen. Thanks for the help and I look forward to using it daily.”

Paul R.

“I sent you an email earlier on Procrastination and the wins I had from that course. I just thought the wins were big until I started applying the technology of your Time Management course.

Just after the first week of using Time Charts and Project Blocks my production has soared mainly due to NOT multi-tasking and doing what I'm doing while I'm doing it.

I have benefited greatly from using your technology and your software program, Achieve Planner.”

James Owens



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