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This topic provides a brief overview of the ways in which Achieve can help you get organized.  
Use a more effective to-do list with Projects/Tasks  
Achieve's Project and Task views replace the to-do list used in traditional time management systems. A project represents an outcome or result that you want to accomplish while tasks represent the action steps. Separating these two concepts helps you make better use of your time by allowing you to focus on outcomes instead of just actions. You'll also be able to plan and organize each project individually and significantly reduce the size of your main to-do list. See Effective To-Do List Internet article for more information.  
Achieve's Project/Task Capture Wizard can help you capture all the work items and to-dos currently on your plate and organize them into Projects/Tasks.  
See Projects, Tasks and Using Grids topics for more details.  
Organize Paper Based Files (Achieve Planner Pro)  
Achieve's File Organizer can help you organize and keep track of all your paper based documents, folders and files. The Effective Filing topic also contains hints and advice to help you organize effectively.  
Managing your Email Inbox (Achieve Planner Pro)  
Achieve's Outlook Synchronization feature can help you keep track of email messages requiring an action on your part.  
Create Your Ideal Week Time Chart  
A time chart is a representation of how you would like to spend your time each week. Instead of scheduling time slots for specific appointments, you schedule time slots for general activity types or result areas. For example, if you want Sundays from 2:00pm to 6:00pm to represent family time, you can schedule this time slot and associate it with the Family result area.  
See Time Charts topic for more details.  
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