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The Achieve application provides the following views, which can be grouped into time management views and goal-setting views.  
Time Management Views  
The Time management views help you get organized and manage your projects/tasks, schedule, and contacts.  
The Projects/Tasks views help you identify, prioritize, plan and track everything that you are working on and need to get done.  
The Weekly Schedule provides an multi-day view of your schedule where you can manage appointments and events and define time blocks for your projects. Achieve supports the concept of Time Charts which are pre-defined blocks of time that you associate with a particular result area or activity type. The time chart areas appear in the background of your weekly schedule as reminders of the way you would like to spend your time.  
The File Organizer view helps you organize and track your paper based files, folders and notes. It can also be used to organize books, CDs, tapes or any other items that you want to organize (Achieve Planner Pro only.)  
The Contacts view helps you manage all your contacts and keep track of anything you may need to discuss with them.  
The Notes view provides a scratch pad area where you can keep track of ideas or other miscellaneous information (Achieve Planner Pro only.)  
See Getting Organized Overview for more information related to these views.  
Goal Setting Views (Achieve Goal Organizer)  
The goal-setting views help you plan strategically and can be summarized as follows:  
Result Areas » Wishes » Dreams » Goals  
A Result Area represents an important dimension, role or part of your life. Examples of result areas include: family, spouse, children, career, health & fitness, financial, spiritual, personal development, etc. You can define a mission/vision statement for each result area and identify the guiding principles/core beliefs that you want to associate with that area.  
A Wish represents a desire, need or want in a particular result area. Wishes allow you to keep track of everything that you may want/desire without committing to actually doing it. You can organize and prioritize your wishes using the Wish List. When you are ready, you can convert a wish into a dream or goal as a first step in realizing it.  
Dreams and Goals are similar but have important differences. You can think of a Dream as the ultimate realization of something you want or desire, whereas Goals are the specific intermediate targets or stepping stones that will get you closer and closer to realizing your dream.  
In general, you should define S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, time-specific) goals with short to medium time frames (months to 5 years). Dreams can be bigger, bolder, less specific and often involve relatively long time frames ranging anywhere from years to your entire life.  
A dream represents the ultimate destination while goals represent the intermediate stops along the route to get you there.  
Achieve makes a distinction between dreams and goals because the planning process and level of detail associated with each is different.  
You can learn more about goal setting with Achieve in our Goal Setting Overview.  
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