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Goal setting in Achieve usually follows this progression:  
Result Areas » Wishes » Dreams » Goals  
Result Areas represent the important dimensions, roles or parts of your life, both personal and professional. Virtually any goal that you come up with can ultimately be traced to a result area that inspires it. Result areas can be used to capture your long-term vision and mission for each part of your life and your guiding principles (core beliefs) that will help you accomplish your mission.  
Achieve uses Wishes as a way to capture everything that you could possibly want or desire in each area of your life without committing to doing it. They are maintained separately from dreams/goals since you are not actively pursuing them. You can prioritize them and convert them into dreams or goals when the time is right.  
You can read more about the difference between dreams and goals online at http://www.timethoughts.com/goalsetting/wishes-dreams-goals.htm  
Start Small  
One common problem we've seen when people first attempt to set goals is getting overwhelmed trying to set goals to cover their entire life. Instead we recommend that you focus on one area (the one that will give you the most immediate and significant benefit) and only set one goal in this area.  
Focus on this one goal for 30 to 60 days until you have made significant progress toward achieving it. Once you feel more comfortable with the whole goal setting process, then you can proceed to set a couple more dreams/goals for your other areas.  
Continue to build up your goal setting skills and remember that it's better to focus on a small number of goals than to spread yourself too thin trying to pursue a large number of goals at the same time.  
Find out more about goal setting in the Goal Setting Guide.  
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