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Welcome to the Achieve Planner and Goal Organizer Productivity Suite, a powerful goal setting and time management system designed to increase your productivity and help you plan/organize your business and personal life.  
Many people find that a computerized time management and goal setting system is quicker and easier to use than its paper based counterpart and gives you the ability to easily update your plans as things change. In addition, the data can be password-protected to limit access to your personal information.  
Achieve can help you:  
·Discover what is most important to you and what you really want out of life  
·Identify and define your mission, vision and guiding principles for each of your life areas (family, career, health, financial, business, etc.)  
·Define dreams and goals for each life area and develop sound plans to achieve them  
·Get organized by identifying everything that you are working on or need to get done  
·Plan and track all your projects and tasks  
·Manage your schedule and appointments  
·Organize your paper-based files, folders and notes  
·Manage your contacts  
There are four editions of the software designed to offer you the functionality that you need.  
Achieve Planner Standard    - Project/task tracking  
Achieve Planner Pro       - Advanced project/task tracking, scheduling, and management  
Achieve Goal Organizer    - Goal tracking and planning  
Achieve Productivity Suite   - Complete package combining Achieve Goal Organizer and Achieve Planner Pro  
You can see the full feature comparison chart and pricing at http://www.effexis.com/achieve/feature-comparison.htm  
Achieve Planner Getting Started PDF Guide  
Achieve Planner now includes a "Getting Started Guide" PDF document that supplements this help file. You can access it using the Help | Getting Started Guide (PDF) command in the help menu, or from the Achieve Planner folder in the Start menu.  
For more information please review the following topics:  
·Getting Started  
·Using Achieve  
The TimeThoughts.com (www.timethoughts.com) website contains useful time management and goal setting articles and resources.  
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