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The Contacts view uses a grid to display all contacts. See Using Grids for help with the grid user interface. Contacts are sorted in order of increasing last name.  
The discussion items column represent outstanding discussion items with the contact that have not been resolved.  
You can schedule an appointment with the contact using the Actions | New Appointment with Contact... command.  
You can open the selected contact row(s) to reveal the Contact Information form. To open a row you can: double click on it, press Ctrl+Enter or invoke the File | Open | Open Selected Items... command from the file menu or standard toolbar.  
Contact Information Form  
The contact information form provides the following tabs: General, Address, Details, Discussion Items, History.  
General Tab  
The general tab provides general name, company, phone number, email address and category information for the contact. The Group field can be used to group related contacts (family, friends, club, etc.)  
Address Tab  
The address tab stores physical and web address information for the contact.  
Details Tab  
The details tab stores additional details for the contact (language, hobbies, spouse, etc.), important dates (anniversary, birthday, etc.) and Notes.  
Discussion Items Tab  
The discussion items tab can be used to record any items that you need to discuss or talk about with the contact in the future. You can record these items for easy access next time you meet with the contact.  
History Tab  
The history tab can be used to store any contact history information (calls, emails, meetings, etc.) with the contact.  
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