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The File Organizer view uses a grid to display all file items. See Using Grids for help with the grid user interface. By default, file items are sorted in order of increasing item name.  
You can use the File Organizer view to organize all your paper-based files, folders, documents or any other physical items you wish to organize. See Effective Filing topic for helpful hints and advice on organizing your paper based files.  
Each item has the following main fields:  
Title of the item
More detailed description of the item
Keywords for the item (useful for filtering)
User supplied type for the item
User supplied location for the item
User supplied folder name for the item
Depending on the view being used, the following fields may also be shown:  
Last Used
Date when the item was last used
Review Date
Date when the item should be reviewed
Checked if the item needs to be purged
In general, location is used to refer to the main physical location of the item (Work Desk, Filing Cabinet # 1) while the Folder is the name of the folder within the main location containing the item.  
Use the view bar to change views, change or remove filtering (see Filtering File Items) or change group by columns. The File Organizer view also supports changing the sorting of the rows by clicking on the column headers.  
You can open the selected file item row(s) to reveal the File Item Information form. To open a row you can: double click on it, press Ctrl+Enter or invoke the File | Open | Open Selected Items... command from the file menu or standard toolbar.  
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