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Resource calendars are used to specify special availability periods for the resource such as vacations and holidays. Each resource has its own calendar (specific to the resource) as well as a base calendar that is shared among resources.  
To edit the resource calendar, click the Edit Calendar... button in the Resource Information form.  
To edit the Base Calendar affecting all resources using it (for example to set common holidays for everyone) click on the Edit... button by the base calendar dropdown. You can also edit the base calendar using the Tools menu Change Working Time... command.  
To add a special date click on the New... button, to edit a special date select it and click the Edit... button (to edit special dates that are inherited from the base calendar you must edit the base calendar directly.) Both of these options will display the Special Date dialog where you can enter the date (or date range if multiple dates are involved), the type of special date (vacation, holiday or non-default work hours) and any work hours for non-default work hour days.  
To delete an existing entry, select it and click the Delete button.  
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