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This section will help you get started with the Achieve software, which has two main categories of functionality:  
·Time management functionality to help you get organized, use a more effective to-do list to keep track of your projects/tasks, and manage your schedule and contacts (available in the Achieve Planner and Achieve Productivity Suite editions)  
·Goal setting functionality to figure out what you want, set and manage your goals and dreams and creating plans for accomplishing them (vailable in the Achieve Goal Organizer edition)  
You can start using Achieve in either of these categories based on your needs and interests.  
Achieve Planner Getting Started PDF Guide  
Achieve Planner now includes a "Getting Started Guide" PDF document that supplements this help file. You can access it using the Help | Getting Started Guide (PDF) command in the help menu, or from the Achieve Planner folder in the Start menu.  
Time Management Functionality  
To help you get started, Achieve provides the Getting Started Wizard (Help | Getting Started...) that will walk you through the basic concepts of the application.  
You might also want to review the Achieve Overview, Getting Organized Overview and Using Grids topics before continuing.  
Goal Setting Functionality  
New Achieve documents have several predefined result areas representing common life dimensions. We recommend you spend some time reviewing them and personalizing the mission/vision statements based on your own values and priorities. See the Result Areas topic for more information. The How to Figure Out What You Want Internet article contains tips you may find valuable.  
Once you've reviewed the Result Areas, the Wish Brainstorming Wizard can help you discover what you want/desire in a particular life area and organize/prioritize your wishes.  
One common problem we've seen when people first attempt to set goals is getting overwhelmed trying to set goals to cover their entire life. Instead we recommend that you focus on one area (the one that will give you the most immediate and significant benefit) and only set one goal in this area. Focus on this one goal for 30 to 60 days until you have made significant progress toward achieving it. Once you feel more comfortable with the whole goal setting process, then you can proceed to set a couple more dreams/goals for your other areas (see Why Set Goals Internet article for more details.)  
See the Goal Setting Overview topic for more information and examples.  
Perform Weekly and Daily Planning (Achieve Planner Pro feature)  
The weekly and daily planning wizards are designed to help you review your dreams/goals regularly and make sure that your day to day activities are consistent with and supportive of your long term plans. Using these wizards regularly will help you make the best use of your time.  
See the Weekly Planning Wizard or Daily Planning Wizard topics for more information.  
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