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The Wish List view uses a grid to display wishes for a particular result area or display wishes grouped by all result areas. See Using Grids for help with the grid user interface. See Using Priorities for more information on how to prioritize wishes.  
You can use the Result Areas drop down button to select the specific Result Area for which to display wishes or select the "All Result Areas" item to display a grouped view of all result area wishes.  
A wish represents a desire, need or want in a particular result area. Wishes allow you to keep track of everything that you may want/desire without committing to actually doing it. When you are ready, you can convert a wish into a dream or goal as a first step in realizing it using the Actions | Convert to Dream... or Convert to Goal... commands.  
Wishes come in four types:  
·Want and Don't Have (W/DH) - These represent a need/desire for something that you don't already have. This is the most common category.  
·Don't Want and Have (DW/H) - These represent a desire to get rid of or change something that you have. It could be an extra 15 pounds or a dead end job.  
·Want and Have (W/H) - These represent a need/desire to get more or enhance something you have.  
·Don't Want and Don't Have (DW/DH) - These represent a desire to keep away or avoid a threat of some type.  
Since dreams and goals should always be stated in positive (what you want) rather than negative (what you don't want) terms, the conversion commands will ask you to restate your "Don't Want" wishes in more positive terms when converting them to dreams or goals.  
The Wish Brainstorming Wizard can help you brainstorm wishes for each result area.  
To open a wish row you can: double click on the row, press Ctrl+Enter or invoke the File | Open | Open Selected Item... command from the file menu or standard toolbar. When you open a wish, the Wish Information form will be displayed.  
Wish Information Form  
The wish information form provides the following fields:  
Title of the wish
Result Area
Result area associated with the wish. If there are more than one, choose the one most closely related
Textual priority representation for the wish
Type of wish (one of the four types described above)
Detailed description of the wish
Reason for making the wish (why you would want it to be realized)
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