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The Dreams view uses a grid to display dreams for a particular result area or display dreams grouped by all result areas. See Using Grids for help with the grid user interface. See Using Priorities for more information on how to prioritize dreams.  
You can use the Result Areas drop down button to select the specific Result Area for which to display dreams or select the "All Result Areas" item to display a grouped view of all result areas.  
A dream is the ultimate realization of something you want or desire, whereas goals are specific intermediate targets or stepping stones that will take you closer and closer to realizing your dream.  
You can view a detailed report for selected dreams using the File | View Report... command.  
When you are ready to plan your dream in more detail, you can open the dream row to reveal the Dream Information form. To open a row you can: double click on it, press Ctrl+Enter or invoke the File | Open | Open Selected Items... command from the file menu or standard toolbar.  
Dream Information Form  
The dream information form provides the following tabs: General, Vision, Price, Impacts, Goals and Team.  
General Tab  
The general tab contains the following fields:  
Title of the dream (title is a brief statement of the dream)
Result Area
Result area associated with the dream
Priority associated with the dream
Current status for the dream
Completion Date
Date when the dream was completed (only settable if the status is completed)
A more detailed definition of the dream
Reason for making this dream and why you want it to be realized
Ideal Definition
For truly important dreams, think of what your dream definition would be if there were no obstacles, no way that you could fail and no limitations. Don't be afraid to dream big and write down the perfect/ideal realization of your dream.
Vision Tab  
The vision tab contains the following fields:  
Outer Vision
Describe what your external/physical experience will be like when this dream is realized. What would it look & sound like? What will you be doing? Where will you be? With whom?
Inner Vision
Describe what your internal experience (thoughts, feelings, emotions) will be like when this dream is realized. What emotions will you experience? How will you see yourself? Others?
Outer Benefits
Describe external/physical benefits that you will receive from realizing this dream. The more benefits you come up with, the more motivated you will become.
Inner Benefits
Describe internal/emotional benefits that you will receive from realizing this dream.
Price Tab  
B.H. Hunt, the famous oil billionaire, was once asked about his secret for achieving success. His response was that achieving anything in life requires only four things: First, determine precisely what it is that you want to achieve; second, determine the price that you must pay in order to achieve it; third, commit yourself to pay the price; and fourth, pay the price.  
The price tab contains the following fields:  
What is the price that you will have to pay in order to realize this dream
What sacrifices are you willing to make
What commitments are you willing to make to realize this dream
Describe why you are committed to paying the price for this dream
The goal of this tab is to make sure you are willing to pay the price for your dream. Sometimes we may think we want something but later discover that we are not willing to do what it takes to achieve it. This tab is designed to help you think through your dreams and make sure you are committed to them before proceeding.  
Impacts Tab  
Your dreams will often have direct impacts on other parts of your life. This tab helps you think about the impact of your dream on other result areas. Enter as many impacts as you wish. You can open the impacts row to describe mitigation steps you can take to reduce the impact.  
Goals Tab  
The goals tab allows you to describe your overall strategy for realizing this dream and to break your dream down into a set of specific goals (intermediate steps) for realizing it. See Goal Setting Overview and Goals topics for more information.  
Dream Team Tab  
This tab allows you to describe your ideal dream team to help you realize this dream. You can include mentors, partners, investors, helpers and supporters that you may need (whether or not you've actually found someone to fill a particular role).  
While preparing your team, think in terms of roles/functions (like an organization chart) rather than specific people. You can then fill each role with one or more people (and one person could fill several roles).  
Metrics Tab  
This tab allows you to add/remove metrics associated with your dream. See Metrics topic for more information.  
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