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Effort Values  
Achieve uses level of effort values to measure the amount of work needed to complete a task. The level of effort is the amount of work that it would take an average person in your team to complete the task if they spent 100% of their time on it. It is not the same as the calendar duration of the task which depends on factors such as resource assignments, holidays/vacations, weekends, etc. With this measure you can compare one task against another irrespective of what else was going on during that time. The level of effort is the same whether you can devote one hundred percent or only fifty percent of a resource's time to the task.  
Effort values can be entered in the following units:  
·Minutes (m or min)    5 m  
·Hours (h)          20.5 h or 20:30 h (20 hours 30 minutes)  
·Days (d)         2 d   A day is considered to be 8 hours  
·Weeks (w)      1 w   A week is considered to be 40 hours  
Achieve Planner provides a quick and convenient way to record work/expenses for a particular task using the Actions | Record Work/Expenses... commands in the Actions menu of the tasks view.  
With this dialog you can add effort toward the total actual effort performed on the task and specify the new effort left value that is still required to complete the task. You can also add a cost value to the total actual cost.  
If desired, you can also enter a follow up action for this task. If you are recording work for a regular task, the follow up action will be added as a child action task reminder of the task as a way to remember the next action you need to take for this task.  
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