Registering the Software  
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You must register the software in order to continue using it after the evaluation period has expired.  
To register the software you must:  
·Purchase a license for each copy of the software that you want to register. Each individual using the software must obtain a separate license and registration code.  
·After purchasing a license for the software, you will receive a registration code via e-mail.  
·Start the application; after a few seconds the evaluation dialog box should appear.  
·Click on the Enter Registration Code... button to show the Registration Information dialog:  
·Input the provided User Name and Registration Code values exactly as they appear in the e-mail. The User Name is tied to the Registration Code and must match the supplied values exactly. Please note that the User Name is case sensitive.  
·Click OK or press Enter.  
·The software is now registered on your PC.  
·Save your registration code in a safe place in case the software needs to be re-installed or the license becomes corrupted.  
To view/modify registration information:  
·Select the Help | Registration... main menu item which will show the About dialog box.  
·Click on the Register... button which will display the Registration Information dialog box.  
·Enter appropriate registration information and click OK.  
If required, you can obtain a new Registration Code for the software by sending an email to support [at] and including your purchase details.  

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