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Project resource assignments can be used to limit the availability of resources at the project level. Each project can also be given a default resource which is used by default for tasks that have no assignment at the task level (none of the task's ancestors have an assignment).  
In general, you should not specify project level assignments unless you want to limit the amount of effort a resource can contribute to the project. By default all resources working in the project use a "Variable" assignment (which basically means that each resource uses project/task prioritization to determine the order in which tasks are worked on and devotes 100% of his/her effort to the top-priority task until completed, sharing time equally among projects/tasks with the same priority).  
For example, Joe Smith, Kelly Jones and Sam Miner are working on project A and project B. Joe and Kelly can work full time on the projects, but Sam should only spend 30% of his time on project A.  
In this case you would enter a Project Resource Assignment for Sam to limit his availability for the project to 30%. Since Joe and Kelly can devote all their time to the top-priority tasks (whether on Project A, B or both based on priority) no explicit assignment is required.  
Entering/Modifying Project Resource Assignments  
Project resource assignments can be edited from the Team tab in the project information form.  
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