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The outline menu provides outline commands that manipulate rows in the various grids supporting outlines (e.g., Outline tab, Tasks tab, Projects tab, etc.)  
View in Outline
View the current item in the Outline tab (if applicable)
Move Up
Move the current row up one position in the outline (remaining at its current outline level)
Move Down
Move the current row down one position in the outline (remaining at its current outline level)
Outdent the current row in the outline
Indent the current row in the outline
Remove Priority Gaps
Remove any priority gaps between records in the grid
Reprioritize Unique
Make the selected record the only one with the given priority value (shifting priorities of other records if necessary)
Group Menu  
Provides commands to expand/collapse all group-by rows.  
Expand All Groups
Expand all the group-by rows
Collapse All Groups
Collapse all the group-by rows
Outdent the selected row(s) and move them to their parent level
Expand All
Expand all rows to show their children
Expand All Children
Expand the active row and all its children
Collapse the active row
Expand to Level N
Expand all rows until level N in parent/child hierarchy is reached and then collapse all remaining children

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