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The Daily Planning Wizard is designed to help you prepare for the day by reviewing and rewriting your long-term goals, review your project priorities and adjust your schedule for the day.  
You can invoke the daily planning wizard from the Tools menu.  
Step 1 Review and Rewrite Your Goals  
You can review and rewrite each of your goals on a daily basis. When you are done with the current goal, use the Wizard | Next Item command to advance to the next one. You will automatically advance to the next step after the last goal is reached.  
You can also perform affirmation and visualization exercises for each goal as part of this step. Also take note of any Goal Actions that you can perform today.  
Step 2 Review and Update Project Priorities  
Review your project priorities to make sure they are consistent with what is most important for the day and make any necessary updates.  
Step 3 Review Your Schedule for the Day  
Review your schedule for the day. Pay close attention to your MVP project blocks. If you wish, you can visualize yourself going through your day from one project to the next in a highly energized and productive state.  
Step 4 Gratitude and Affirmations  
The final step provides a simple exercise to help you think about all the blessings that are already present in your life. Just write about ten things that you appreciate and are grateful for having.  
This step also contains six random affirmations that can inspire you during the day. While this version of Achieve does not support editing the affirmations, this feature is planned for a future release.  
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