Automatic Backup of Data Files  
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Achieve Planner supports the automatic backup of data files using the Auto-Backup feature, which is enabled by default. You can disable the feature and customize the backup path using the Tools->Options... menu command.  
By default, the Auto-Backup feature creates a backup directory in the same location as the data file. If your data file is named "MyDataFile", the backup directory is named "MyDataFileBackup" and contains all the backup files.  
The following configuration attributes are available in the Tools->Options... menu command under the Auto-Backup group.  
Enable Auto-Backup
Check to enable auto-backup, clear to disable
Backup Path
Use to specify backup directory path, or leave blank to use default
Warn every X entries
Achieve Planner will warn you when the number of entries in the backup directory is a multiple of this value
Daily rotation
Specifies the maximum number of backup files created on any given day
Two types of backup files are created: daily rotation and dated.  
Every time you save your data file, a new backup copy is created. The files are of the form:  
YYYYMMDD_FileNameBackup.ach    (Dated)  
FileNameBackup_N.ach       (Rotation)  
Where FileName is the name of your data file. Dated files are created for each day, while multiple rotation files are used every time you save the data file. You can use these in case you need to restore to a file saved previously during the day.  
When the daily rotation maximum value is reached, the older backup files are overwritten with new files.  

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