Appointment Information Form (Achieve Planner)  
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The Appointment Information form provides the following fields for both appointments and events:  
Subject of the appointment
Location of the appointment
Start Time
Start date and time for the appointment
End Time
End date and time for the appointment
All Day Event
Checked to use an event, unchecked to use an appointment
Shows the current recurrence pattern for the appointment
Checked if there is a reminder set for this appointment
Reminder Time
Time before the start time when the reminder should be invoked
Show Time As
How time is displayed to other users (for compatibility with Microsoft Outlook®)
Label for the appointment
Checked if the appointment is considered a Most Valuable Project time block (see Weekly Planning Wizard)
Priority for the appointment
Project linked to the appointment
Description for the appointment
Categories to associate with the appointment
Checked if the appointment is considered private
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