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Consulting firm Accenture released results of an interesting study on International Women's Day. This study revealed that a majority felt there was a glass ceiling or an invisible barrier that held women executives back from moving ahead in their careers.

This survey, with a sample size of 1200 executives across eight countries, threw up significant number that believed in this invisible barrier 70% of women and 57% of men.

In striking variations among the countries, American women were as satisfied with what they had achieved as were the men. In terms of salaries, 67% of men and 60% of women were happy with the salaries they took home. Some experts believe that the existence of this glass ceiling did not affect job satisfaction as women preferred to sacrifice more to gain greater overall happiness.

Another interesting nugget more and more women were opting to own their own businesses. According to the Center for Women's Business Research, women-owned firms increased in numbers by 17% in the period 1997 2004. This is perhaps the smarter way of bypassing that invisible barrier.

If you feel you've run against a "glass ceiling", executive coaching services may be a good way to find a way around it.

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