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Developing Positive Habits

In order to achieve your career goals, you need to develop positive habits. Being on a path to success can be a challenge. If one aspect of your life is less than successful, this could affect your overall goals. Not only do positive habits breed success, they also help you grow as a person and executive. You need to grow as a person in order to reach your goals.

By definition, a habit is an activity that is repeated so much, it becomes automatic. When we use the bathroom, we automatically flush the toilet. That is habit. Some of us have a set routine for getting dressed in the morning. That is also a habit. You can use this concept to your advantage by systematically forming habits that breed success.

Here is some executive coaching advice that can help:

Give yourself time. It takes 3-4 weeks of consistency to turn an activity into a habit. If it is a task that you want to do every day, such as exercising, it helps if you do it at the same time each day. That way, the action has a greater likelihood of turning into a habit quicker.

Set goals. Goal setting is the single most important positive habit you can develop. Without goals, it would be nearly impossible to succeed. When you set a goal, you can create a plan that is results oriented. To apply this step, be specific. Spend one day setting the goals and creating a success plan. Then, review your goals each day and determine how much progress you are making. At the end of the week, re-evaluate to determine if you need to change your goals in any way.

Keep a success journal. Keeping a success journal is another positive habit. In it you can list your goals and track all your accomplishments. It is also a space you can use to collect positive quotes and writings. When you write in it every day, you put your mind in a positive state which fosters success. Write in it at the same time each day to reinforce your new habit.

Stay educated. Increasing your education in both your field and your personal interests is another positive habit. It enriches your mind and can even foster career advancements. You can take a class, read, or watch documentaries. Spend some time each day on this habit. Even as little as five minutes can make a big difference.

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