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With our affiliate program (free to join), you can earn up to 50% in commissions for every customer you refer through your affiliate link!

Now you can easily create an ongoing stream of income without any cost or obligation. Just use your affiliate link on your website, blog, email or newsletter and start earning commissions for every product sale you refer.

Here's why you should join our affiliate program:

Itís quick, easy and simple - We do all the work. We take the orders, process the payments, handle customer service. You simply link to us using your affiliate links and you get paid for every customer you refer. It's that simple.

It is completely free to join and use our affiliate program - There are no signup fees, membership costs, or monthly dues. All you have to do is signup, request to sell our products, get your links and start referring customers. Our program works well whether your goal is to make just a few extra dollars each month or earn much more as a serious affiliate.

You earn commissions for every product sold for up to one full year - Our affiliate program is run through 1ShoppingCart.com, which uses cookies to remember past visitors. Because this cookie lasts for one year, you get paid even if the customer comes back later and buys other products as long as your cookie remains on their system (up to one full year.)

Generous commissions - Our affiliate program provides up to 50% commissions for most products and up to 40% commission on most recurring payments.

Trusted affiliate program - Our affiliate program runs through 1ShoppingCart.com, a trusted e-commerce provider used by thousands of vendors and affiliates. 1ShoppingCart.com keeps track of everything, including your sales and payments. We provide payments via PayPal.

Marketing help and resources - We love our affiliates! We know you are essential to help us meet our goals. When you succeed in making money through our program, we succeed as well.

We'll continue to provide marketing materials, graphics, promotions, and tips to help you get started and continue making money selling our products.

We help you make more sales - We keep customers informed through our opt-in newsletter and associated content sites, which means that many customers end up buying multiple products after your initial referral. Plus we keep adding more products helping you get even better commissions.

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These are some of the products that you can promote through our affiliate program (and associated Goals To Action affiliate program):

Achieve Planner Software - 50% Commissions
A powerful and effective time management and goal setting software system. Perfect for business and personal use. You earn 50% commissions on the Pro and Productivity Suite editions. That's up to $49.97 for a single purchase (depending on edition and payment plan.)

Get Focused - 50% Commissions
Discover how to increase your focus, concentration and attention so you can spend your time accomplishing what really matters. Commission up to $39.50.

Effective Time Management - 50% Commissions
In this foundational program, youíll learn the best and most effective time management techniques and strategies, and discover a proven system to help you implement them. This program integrates new, cutting-edge techniques with tried and true productivity practices. Commission up to $33.50.

Stop Procrastinating Now - 50% Commissions
Is procrastination and lack of motivation holding you back? In this program youíll discover how to get motivated and finally overcome procrastination once and for all. Commission up to $33.50.

How To Set And Achieve Your Goals - 50% Commissions
Learning how to set and achieve goals is one of the most important skills you can learn. In this program you'll discover principles, mindsets and strategies that natural goal achievers use to accomplish what matters most to them. Commission up to $19.50.

The Magic Of Habit - 50% Commissions
Discover simple, quick and easy ways to create new and lasting habits and routines. Commission up to $19.50.

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If you have website visitors, newsletters, ezines, or customers that would benefit from our products, you can earn a generous commission just by letting them know about them!

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