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The time chart information form is used to create and edit the time chart areas (time slots) for a particular time chart. It provides two tabs: General and Time Chart Areas.  
General Tab  
The general tab allows you to provide a name and description for the time chart.  
Time Chart Areas Tab  
A weekly schedule view where you can define and edit the time chart areas associated with the time chart.  
To create a new time chart area, highlight the desired time slot (using mouse or keyboard) and use the Actions | New Time Chart Area command to create the time chart area. The Result Area selected in the time chart bar will be used for all new time chart areas. You can also enter additional text if desired (or for time chart areas that are not associated with any result area).  
You can move and resize time chart areas just as if they were appointments in the weekly schedule view (see Changing Appointments/Events) or open them to change the information using the Time Chart Area Information form.  
You can change the Result Area associated with one or more time chart areas by selecting the time chart areas and choosing a new Result Area from the selector.  
To delete existing time chart areas, select them and invoke the Edit | Delete command.  
You can change the resolution of the schedule view using the context menu.  
Time Chart Area Caption/Label  
Double-clicking or opening a time chart area (similar to opening an appointment) displays the Time Chart Area information form, which lets you change the caption (text) and label (background color) of the time chart area.  
Unassigned Time Chart Areas  
You can also create time chart areas that are unassigned (not assigned to any particular result area) by setting the Result Area dropdown to none as you create the time chart area.  
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