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Task resource assignments can be used to specify the resource(s) assigned to work on a task. Any assignments applied to summary tasks will be used by default for all children that don't have explicit assignments.  
You can specify resource assignments in the Active Task Schedule tasks view or through the Schedule Tab in the Task Information Form.  
Each resource assignment takes the following form:  
resource_name[optional assignment]  
where the resource name is the name of a defined resource and the optional assignment is a percentage value indicating the percentage of the resource available for the task. For example, JoeSmith[50%] indicates that Joe Smith is only available 50% for this task.  
By default, all resources without the optional assignment use a "Variable" assignment, which means that the resource works on tasks in order of priority devoting 100% of their available effort on top-priority tasks until completed, and are shared equally among tasks with the same priority.  
You can combine multiple assignments by separating them with commas: JoeSmith, JackRiley[45%]  
Task assignments are combined with the project level assignments. For example if a task assignment for Task A is JSmith[50%] and resource JSmith is already constrained to 50% availability at the project level, JSmith is only 25% available for Task A.  
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