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The metrics feature available in the Achieve Goal Organizer and Achieve Productivity Suite editions allows you to track values for a particular variable or measure over time. For example, you could use a metric to keep track of your weight each week, the number of pages or words you've written each day, or the amount of money you are saving in your investment account each month. See Using Grids for help with the grid user interface.  
You can associate metrics with goals, dreams, or just use them as stand alone measurements.  
Main Metrics Tab  
The Metrics view (available from the Go menu) allows you to see all your metrics at a glance, add tracking values, and view performance graphs for each of them.  
You can also add and/or delete metrics directly from this view using menu commands from the Edit and Insert menus.  
To open the selected metric row(s) and reveal the Metric Information form, you can: double click on it, press Ctrl+Enter, or invoke the File | Open | Open Selected Items... command from the file menu or standard toolbar.  
Metric Actions  
The metric tab supports the following project specific commands through the Actions menu.  
View Performance Graph
View the performance graph for the selected metric based on all the data entered so far
Add Tracking Entry
Add a tracking entry to the selected metric
Metrics from Goal/Dream Information Forms  
The goal and dream information forms also contain tabs for metrics associated with the dream/goal.  
You can open individual metric rows (double-click on the row, or use the File->Open->Open Selected Items command) to show the metric information form.  
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