Managing Menus and Toolbars  
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Menus and toolbars can be floated, docked, and customized. In addition, toolbars can be hidden or shown.  
To move, float, or dock a menu or toolbar:  
·Use the grab bar at the top/left most edge of the menu or toolbar to drag, float, and/or dock the menu/toolbar to its new location  
To hide/show a toolbar:  
·Right click anywhere on the toolbar to show the toolbar context menu  
·Select the item representing the toolbar to toggle its visible state (checked if toolbar is visible)  
Locking toolbars prevents them from being dragged. To lock/unlock toolbars select the Lock the Toolbars item from the toolbar context menus.  
To customize menu/toolbar appearance, commands, and options:  
·Right click anywhere on the toolbar or main menu and select the Customize... command  
·The Customize dialog box will be displayed  
·Perform desired customization and click OK  
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