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Achieve is distributed as a single executable setup file.  
To Install Achieve:  
·Run the setup program (typically you can accept setup options without change)  
·The software needs to be installed from an account providing access to the Program Files directory and the system registry (may require full administrative privileges). The software will not install properly from within a Windows XP limited account.  
·Achieve is a Microsoft .NET application that requires the Microsoft .NET runtime V1.1 to be installed. The installation program will detect if the necessary runtime software is already installed or needs to be downloaded.  
·If the Microsoft .NET runtime is not installed, the setup program can automatically obtain it from the InstallShield download web site (connection to the Internet is required) and install it on your computer.  
·Once the software has been installed, you can start it through the appropriate Start menu entry  

If you have any problems installing the software, please send email to support [at]  

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