Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts  
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Achieve supports the customization of shortcuts associated with all application commands. Keyboard customization is performed through the Customize Keyboard dialog. To display the dialog, invoke the Customize Keyboard command from the Tools menu (Tools | Customize Keyboard...)  
Keyboard customizations are saved into one or more keyboard mapping schemes which can also be selected through this dialog.  
Note: the [default] mapping scheme represents the predefined key mappings and cannot be customized. If you attempt to customize it, you will be prompted to create a copy and assign it a new name.  
Keyboard Mapping Scheme
Selects the keyboard mapping scheme to use and/or customize
Save As...
Save a copy of the current mapping scheme. The copy retains all the bindings of the original until they are changed.
Delete the currently selected keyboard mapping scheme
Show Commands Containing
Filters the command list with the specified substring
Command List
List of available commands (possibly filtered)
Simple description of the currently selected command
Shortcuts for Selected Command
List of existing shortcuts for the selected command (including their context)
Remove the selected shortcut in Shortcuts for Selected Command from the list breaking the association with the command
Use New Shortcut In
Context in which new shortcut will be used (when available, Main is the topmost context)
Press Shortcut Key(s)
Give the focus to this editor and press a single or chord shortcut key combination to define the new shortcut
Assign the shortcut to the command in the given context. Any previous associations for the shortcut are overwritten.
Shortcut Currently Used By
Show the command(s) that are currently using the typed in shortcut
Commit customization changes
Cancel customization changes
To change the current keyboard mapping scheme:  
·Display the customize keyboard dialog (Tools | Customize Keyboard...)  
·Select the desired keyboard mapping scheme from the list  
·Click the Ok button or press Enter  
To create a new custom keyboard mapping scheme:  
·Display the customize keyboard dialog (Tools | Customize Keyboard...)  
·Select the desired mapping scheme to serve as a template  
·Click on the Save As... button  
·Select a new name for the mapping scheme  
Note: the newly created scheme is initialized with the key bindings of the template that was used to create it.  
To assign a shortcut to a command:  
·Display the customize keyboard dialog (Tools | Customize Keyboard...)  
·Select the keyboard mapping scheme to customize  
·Select the command to bind to the new shortcut from the command list  
·Use the Show Commands Containing text box to filter commands in the list  
·Select the appropriate shortcut context in the Use New Shortcut In list  
·Move to the Press Shortcut Key(s) text box and type the desired shortcut (either single or chord)  
·Click the Assign button to assign the new shortcut  
Note: assigning a shortcut to a command will break any existing binding with the chosen shortcut  
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