Announcing the Achieve Planner 2-Year Anniversary ‘Thank You’ Fire Sale for Subscribers and Friends—the longer you wait, the less you save!


2007 Fire Sale is NOW Over!


For a Limited Time --
Get One of the World’s Best
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The 5-Day Fire Sale - with up to 40% OFF the Regular Retail Price for Achieve Planner Productivity Suite - begins August 27th 2007 and is our way of saying ‘Thank You’ to all our loyal subscribers...
Before We Raise the Price

That’s right. We’re raising the price of Achieve Planner.


Because since we first released Achieve Planner two years ago, we’ve added a ton of sweet productivity-boosting and goal setting features without ever raising the price.

I’ve been told that I’m crazy to offer this full-featured package at its current price of only $99 -- especially when some of our competitors, like Franklin Covey and Tony Robbins, offer less valuable but more expensive products.

"Great stuff! Just want you to know that I've used several different time management software systems. Achieve Pro is turning out to be the best.... This product is what RPM and OPA tried to be, but never could perfect. It really seems to be the best of all including Franklin Planner and their newer Plan Plus software. I've used Franklin in paper and software since the early 90s."

- Alan Furst

I mean, just look at some of the great features you get with Achieve Planner Productivity Suite:


Hierarchical Outline so you can track goals, projects, tasks and sub-tasks


Advanced project and goal planning features that help you create practical action plans with as much detail as you need


Powerful task chooser to help you identify the best tasks to work on


Color-coded ABCD system for easy prioritization


Multiple priority levels so everything doesn’t end up in the “urgent” category


Completion date projections based on time involvement and task priorities


Automated reminders for appointments and scheduled activities


Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook for easy communication


Support for weekly planning and project blocks


Powerful metric and goal tracking features




(If you don’t yet know about Achieve Planner and want to learn more about what this product has to offer, the main web page is , but be sure to buy from this page to get the savings!)

I’ve Been Urged to Raise the Price Immediately!

Some folks have suggested that I raise the price immediately without offering a sale. But many of you who are reading this have been loyal subscribers for a long time. I want to give you the opportunity to purchase Achieve Planner before the price goes up.

Better yet -- to say ‘Thank You’ for your loyalty as a subscriber, I’m offering Achieve Planner at a much lower-than-normal price. Achieve Planner normally sells for $99, but during the first day of this fire sale you can order Achieve Planner Productivity Suite for only $59!

That’s 40% OFF!

When the price goes up, Achieve Planner Productivity Suite will sell for $119. So the first-day fire sale price of $59 is more than 50% off the future price.

"The best life planner I've ever used! When it comes to doing complete "Life Planning" there are very few products on the market that allow for it... I've tried everything from paper planners to over a dozen software packages. I've settled on the Achieve Productivity Suite to help put my life in order!"

- Eric Eckberg

 Details on Achieve Planner available here:


Let Me Sweeten the Pot Even More...

I’ll Throw in FIVE Valuable Bonus Products
(A Total Value of More than $100)
But Only If You Buy Achieve Planner
During the First Day of the Fire Sale!


Look, I don’t want any fence-sitters left after this sale... If you’ve been thinking about buying Achieve Planner, but just haven’t gotten around to it or were waiting for it to go on sale, NOW is the time to act!

To emphasize this point, I’m going to include up to five valuable productivity-boosting bonuses for free. Together these products have a retail value of more than $100. If that doesn’t get you off the fence, I don’t know what else will.

Here are the fabulous bonuses I'm including:

FREE BONUS #1: (No Longer Available)

Master Your Time eBook – Retail price $29.95*

Improve the quality of your life, increase your productivity and achieve more with less effort by following the step-by-step plan that I reveal in my book.

Here are some of the things you'll learn in this valuable book:


5 Goals of time management—it’s not all about squeezing as much work as possible into your waking hours


27 powerful techniques that help you eliminate useless and low priority drudgery-work from your schedule


How to create a master project list and prioritize your task lists


32 Questions to help you identify tasks that you’ve been trying to keep straight in your mind


Simple techniques you can use TODAY to organize your emails and empty your Inbox


How to determine the importance of all the projects and tasks you have on your plate


How to handle the inflow of paperwork, tasks and information without getting overloaded or losing important information


How to manage email effectively


How to schedule projects and tasks so that you can spend your best energy on the most important items and avoid the feeling of being ‘not in the mood’ when you need to be

This eBook normally retails for $29.95. But on the first day of the Achieve Planner Anniversary ‘Thank You’ Fire Sale it’s included FREE as a special bonus.

NOTE: You MUST purchase Achieve Planner through this sale before Tuesday August 28, 7:30 AM Pacific time to get this bonus!

* I'm also going to raise the price of the eBook to $47 in the next few months

FREE BONUS #2: (No Longer Available)

Effective Time Management Course – Retail price $39.95*

This web-based home study course contains over 70 minutes of multi-media presentations and includes a 100+ page workbook that guides you into productive time management habits.

This is a brand new product that I'm releasing for the first time during this offer!

It’s a great first step in improving your time management skills, learning how to take control of your time and getting things done.

When released for public sale, this course will sell for $39.95*. But for a limited time during this offer, you can get it FREE as a bonus item.

The course consists of 5 modules, where you'll learn:

1) Introduction to Time Management - Understanding what time management is and how it benefits your life, including how it can make life more fulfilling and reduce stress. You'll also learn some important keys to managing your time more effectively.

2) Personal Productivity System - Understanding what a Personal Productivity System is and why you need one in order to manage time effectively.

3) 16 Secrets of Effective Time Managers - Get these secrets under your belt and you'll know how to make better use of your time.

4) How to Develop Your Personal Productivity System Step-By-Step - You'll discover how to create and start using your own personal productivity system with our simple 10-step process.

5) Time management "power tools" - Discover some powerful tools that help you implement your productivity system and make your life easier... with this sale, you'll already own one of them :)

Again, when it’s released for public sale the Overview of Effective Time Management Course will have a retail price $39.95*. But you can get it for FREE when you purchase Achieve Planner during the first two days of the Anniversary ‘Thank You’ Fire Sale.

You can take a sneak peek inside this course by clicking on the image below (video will play on a separate window)...

Click Here to Get a 3:45s Preview of Module 1 from the Course

NOTE: You MUST purchase Achieve Planner through this sale before Wednesday August 29, 7:30 AM Pacific time to get this bonus!

* I will offer a discount for newsletter subscribers when the course is officially released


FREE BONUS #3: (No Longer Available)

Stress Management eBook - Retail price $9.95

This 63-page eBook leads you step-by-step through the process of understanding everything that is causing you stress and developing a detailed plan for dealing with it and eliminating it.

Stress Management covers all these topics:


How to recognize stress and why you may not be aware of all the sources of your stress


Understanding how stress is making your life miserable


Differentiate between positive stress and negative stress


Measure the amount of stress in your life


Top 10 Ways of Managing Stress


Creating a personal stress management plan

The retail price on this product is $9.95, but you get it FREE when you order Achieve Planner during the first four days of the Fire Sale.

NOTE: You MUST purchase Achieve Planner through this sale before Thursday August 30, 7:30 AM Pacific time to get this bonus!

FREE BONUS #4: (No Longer Available)

101 Steps to Success Report - Retail price $17

This 22-page special report will launch you on the road to success in your business and personal life. Look at all that it contains:

Steps for adopting a positive attitude


Steps for defining your goals and ambitions


Steps for abandoning negative attitudes


Steps for enjoying life starting now


Steps for planning your success


Steps for motivating yourself


Steps for developing a business


Steps for good health


Steps for solving problems


Steps for growing your existing business


Steps for breaking bad habits


Steps for developing healthy relationships


Much, much more

The retail value of this downloadable report is $17. But it’s included as a FREE bonus product when you purchase Achieve Planner Productivity Suite during the first three days of the Fire Sale.

NOTE: You MUST purchase Achieve Planner through this sale before Friday August 31, 7:30 AM Pacific time to get this bonus!

FREE BONUS #5: (No Longer Available)

Speed Reading eBook - Retail price $9.95

Do you have piles of articles on your desk that you need to read? Do you have stacks of books that you’ve started but never finished?

A recent study on information management found that the average person needs to read a million words a week to stay updated on news and industry advancements. The average reader who reads only 200 words per minute would have to spend over 80 hours a week reading just to stay abreast of the latest news and information.

Most people read slowly because of bad reading habits they picked up during the years in which they learned to read. This Speed Reading eBook helps you identify and break the bad reading habits that slow you down and keep you from getting all the information that you need.

It also gives you NINE TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES FOR INCREASING YOUR READING SPEED. Not just one method or technique like most speed reading books, but nine separate strategies so you can find the method that works best for your personality style.

The Speed Reading eBook normally retails for $9.95, but is available during the Fire Sale as a FREE bonus when you purchase Achieve Planner during the first four days of the Fire Sale.

NOTE: You MUST purchase Achieve Planner through this sale before Friday August 31, 7:30 AM Pacific time to get this bonus!

That's over $100 worth of bonuses that you can get absolutely FREE just for ordering Achieve Planner Productivity Suite... one of the most valuable time management and goal setting software systems available anywhere!

More details on Achieve Planner available here:



The Best Deal and Most Bonuses are
Available Only on Monday, August 27!

This is a Fire Sale! We don’t want you to wait till the last day to purchase Achieve Planner. On Monday, August 27, (the first day of the sale) Achieve Planner Productivity Suite plus all five bonuses mentioned above will be available for only $59!

After that, the price goes up each day and fewer bonuses will be offered. Here’s exactly what you will get on each day of the sale:

Day 1: Monday, August 27—Achieve Planner Productivity Suite 40% OFF, plus ALL FIVE BONUS PRODUCTS

The total retail value of this package is $205.8 — but for this day only you can get EVERYTHING for only $59!

Save more than $146 over the current retail price, or save more than $166 over the soon-to-be increased price.


Day 2: Tuesday, August 28 — Achieve Planner Productivity Suite 30% OFF plus FOUR BONUS PRODUCTS

In addition to Achieve Planner Productivity Suite, you’ll also get all the bonus products EXCEPT the Master Your Time eBook.

The total value is $175.85, but you get all FOUR bonus products and Achieve Planner Productivity Suite for only $69. That’s a savings of more than $106!


Day 3: Wednesday, August 29 — Achieve Planner Productivity Suite 25% OFF plus THREE BONUS PRODUCTS

You get:
- Achieve Planner Productivity Suite
- Stress Management eBook
- 101 Steps to Success special report
- Speed Reading eBook

The total value is $135.90, but you get all THREE bonus products and Achieve Planner Productivity Suite for only $74. Save more than $61!


Day 4, Thursday, August 30 — Achieve Planner Productivity Suite 20% OFF and TWO FREE BONUSES

You get:
- Achieve Planner Productivity Suite
- 101 Steps to Success special report
- Speed Reading eBook

Get this $118.90 package for only $79 and save nearly $40!


Day 5, Friday, August 31 — Achieve Planner Productivity Suite 15% OFF — No bonuses!

You get Achieve Planner Productivity Suite and all its valuable time-management features. This is the final day of the sale, but you still get this $99 value for only $84!


Achieve Planner Productivity Suite Will Never Be Offered at These Prices Again!

The date for the price hike to $119 has not been set yet (though it will happen in the next several months for sure). But I guarantee you that I will never sell Achieve Planner Productivity Suite for as little as $59 ever again.

This is a one-time opportunity. So don’t miss out!

On September 1st, the price of Achieve Planner Productivity Suite returns to $99 and it will stay at that price until we raise it to $119.

Make sure that you put August 27th on your calendar so that you don’t miss this sale!

Click here to purchase Achieve Planner Productivity Suite now and take advantage of today’s discount offer and available bonuses:

Yes, I want to buy Achieve Planner Productivity Suite at today’s low, low rate and get all the free bonus items available today because I understand that Achieve Planner will never be offered at this low price again!

Click Here to Order Now!


You can pay securely using a credit card, via phone, fax, or PayPal.

Rodger Constandse
Creator of Achieve Planner productivity software and author of Master Your Time

P.S. Remember that other time-management systems, including Tony Robbins' Rapid Planning Method can easily cost you over $150 — especially paper-based planning systems which have to be purchased again every year. But for this limited time, you can get your hands on Achieve Planner Productivity Suite — which has more features and flexibility than many other systems — for as little as $59.

Plus, you get some excellent bonus items that will further enhance your productivity and improve your lifestyle.

P.P.S. If you’re reading this page before August 27, you can download the free trial version of Achieve Planner Productivity Suite here: . Then you can set the appointment scheduling feature to automatically alert you to the first day of the Fire Sale. That way you’ll be sure not to miss the big savings and five incredible bonus items.